October Glance

The Future of Health

Biosensors are devices and technology that can be used to monitor the health or status of humans, animal, or the environment. Recently, biosensors and wearable sensors have been garnering more attention as they offer opportunities to access continuous, real-time data regardless of… Learn More >

KU Cancer Center’s Countdown to NCI Comprehensive Application Kicks Into High Gear

In one year, The University of Kansas Cancer Center will submit its application to renew its prestigious National Cancer Institute designation in the hopes of attaining “comprehensive” status. The application will shine a light on the extraordinary work done by… Learn More >


UMKC Vision Researchers Repurpose Technology to Identify Early Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

Technology used in eye exams called microperimetry could prove to be an effective, non-invasive method of identifying early symptoms of multiple sclerosis. An article recently published by researchers at the UMKC School of Medicine Vision Research Center reports… Learn More >


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