Kansas City Regional Life Sciences Industry Census

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We are collecting data for the Kansas City Regional Life Sciences Industry Census which aims to create a detailed snapshot of the current state and historical trends in the region’s life sciences field since 2003.


Your participation in our upcoming report will be instrumental in highlighting the region’s strengths, attracting top talent, and propelling our region forward.


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Why Participate?

• Showcase your innovative work: Feature your company alongside leading life sciences companies in the KC region.

• Gain exposure: Reach key stakeholders, policymakers, and economic development professionals.

• Contribute to a thriving ecosystem: Help us attract talent and resources to propel the industry forward.


Who Qualifies?

Companies whose primary focus aligns with our definition of life sciences will be included in the report.


Life Sciences Companies Include:

• Companies directly involved in life sciences R&D: This could be pharmaceutical companies developing new drugs, biotechnology firms creating innovative therapies, or medical device manufacturers.

• Organizations supporting life sciences R&D: This might include contract research organizations (CROs) providing research services, clinical trial sites testing new treatments, or healthcare IT companies developing solutions that improve patient outcomes.


What Will Be Published?

Company name

Location (City, State, and County)

Branch or headquarters

Areas of specialization/niche

Number of employees (aggregate by industry segment)


Your Contribution Matters!
Let’s write the next chapter of our life sciences narrative and reach new heights!
Thank you for being an essential part of our journey.


For inquiries, please contact:

Donna Gordon