Expert Exchange

The Expert Exchange program features the region’s best and brightest researchers, innovators, and life sciences trailblazers with advanced medical breakthroughs.

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Matthew C. Bunte, MD

Proactive Healthcare: Saint Luke’s Cardiologist Pushes for Change 

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Traci Johnson, MD

University Health OB-GYN Spearheads Maternal Healthcare Program to Combat Disparities

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Alexander G. Chiu, MD

KU Center for Health Innovation & Transformative Care Integrates Technology into the Art of Medicine

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Michael Torno

Pathology Watch Co-Founder Shapes the Future of Digital Health

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Hakima Payne

Uzazi Village CEO Fosters Transformative Justice in Maternal & Infant Health

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Christopher C. Cushing, PhD

KU Professor Utilizes Digital Health Technology to Understand, Influence & Improve Teen Behavior

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Erica Andrade

El Centro Removes Generational Barriers Through Education, Community Health & Advocacy 

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Kun Cheng, PhD

UMKC Professor Utilizes Novel Technology for More Effective Immunotherapy

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Emily Brown

Free From Market Brings Food as Medicine Concept to KC

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