Expert Exchange

The Expert Exchange program features the region’s best and brightest researchers, innovators, and life sciences trailblazers with advanced medical breakthroughs.

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Niki Lee Donawa

UH Executive Delivers Better Health to KC Community

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Karen Florio, DO, MPH, FACOG

Saint Luke’s Specialist Aims to Reduce Maternal Mortality

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Dr. Ashley Shaw

KU Medical Center Professor Addresses Brain Health Inequities, Seeks Change Through Community

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Dr. William Picking

KU Researcher Partners with Spouse to Expedite Vaccine Development

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Dr. A.J. Mellott

KC Stem Cell Startup Delivers Gift of Time to Industry

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Sheri Gonzales

KC Rising Director Rallies Community to Amplify Regional Growth

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Dr. Doug Myers

Children’s Mercy Physician’s Research Improves Pediatric Cancer Treatment

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Dr. Mark Pfefer

Cleveland University Researcher Energized by Collaboration Between Chiropractic & Primary Care

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Dr. Abdulbaki Agbas

KCU Professor Developing Innovative Test for Early Diagnosis of Neurodegenerative Disease

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