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Michael Torno

Pathology Watch Co-Founder Shapes the Future of Digital Health


Countless digital health entrepreneurs aspire to unlock value, streamline inefficiencies, and make a difference. Michael Torno, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Pathology Watch, has made this dream a reality. His company’s acquisition by Sonic Healthcare for $150 million proves the tangible impact achievable in healthcare by applying modern solutions. 

The Impact of Instant Digital Collaboration 

Imagine a scenario where a loved one receives a cancer diagnosis. Picture having access to one hundred top global pathologists collaborating in real-time with their doctor for this diagnosis. This is the power of digital pathology.  

Saving lives in cancer care is a complex task. Torno has propelled collaborative research through digital tools, providing enhanced support for pathologists to deliver optimal patient care.  

Digital images facilitate instant collaboration. For example, a dermatopathologist focusing on alopecia can instantly share knowledge with a pediatric dermatopathologist, examining the same picture for the best clinical decision-making. “Previously, diagnoses were based on glass slides and fax reports, making it challenging to question. Now, the oncologist sitting with the patient can collaborate with the pathologist analyzing the sample,” Torno said. 

Empowering Humans and Machines to Shine 

Pathologists, like anyone, can face divided attention. Digital pathology uses technology to systematically scrutinize every aspect of pathology consistently.  

For pathologists, these aren’t just tissue samples but personal connections. “When we built this, we always started with, at the end of the day, that slide could be my wife’s or my child’s slide,” Torno said. “When we started getting calls back saying, ‘Your technology caught something I missed’ or ‘This is like an angel on my shoulder,’ it gave me goosebumps.” 

Leveraging the Strength of the Digital Health KC Network 

The digital health ecosystem in Kansas City is growing impressively. Torno highlights the powerful impact when talent comes together through the network effect of Digital Health KC. “Once the knowledge base is there, the growth isn’t linear. Once talented individuals gather, suddenly one plus one equals three, and three plus three equals… infinity.” Torno said.  


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