BioNexus KC hosts a series of events designed to stimulate collaboration across our region and solve specific scientific challenges. Scientists, entrepreneurs, students and anyone interested can participate and ask questions.

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2020 Series: Autism Spectrum Disorder

The Kansas City region has a robust autism network comprised of basic researchers, clinicians, patient advocacy groups, and start-up companies. The short-term goal of this Collaborate2Cure series is to combine these unique disciplines to learn about a variety of research and clinical issues and spark innovative treatments and advocacy strategies related to Autism Spectrum Disorder. The long-term goal of the series will be to….. Read More.

PLEASE NOTE: Collaborate2Cure is a multi-year series of events designed to stimulate collaboration and solve specific scientific challenges in the Kansas City region. Each year, Collaborate2Cure addresses a new health challenge; past challenges have included cancer immunotherapy, mitochondrial diseases, and value-based healthcare. BioNexusKC appreciates the term “cure” takes on a contextual meaning within the autism community – its use here is only as part of the name of this long-standing program term series and not specifically applied to the autism-focused events in this series. We respect all individuals in the autism community, and encourage you to share your voice in this year’s events focused on the science around autism.

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