What is Collaborate2Cure?

Collaborate2Cure unites scientists, entrepreneurs, students, and the community to tackle pressing scientific challenges. BioNexus KC curates topics relevant to regional expertise and facilitates presentations, fostering collaboration and sparking innovative solutions.

  • Researchers connect with a diverse audience, igniting new ideas and approaches.
  • Each series aims for breakthroughs that can lead to cures and increased research funding for the Kansas City region.

The program has addressed critical areas like cancer immunotherapy, mitochondrial dysfunction, value-based healthcare, and autism spectrum disorder.


Current Topic - 2023/2024


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BioNexus KC and RareKC are teaming up to co-host the Collaborate2Cure: Rare Disease Series. This series is designed to stimulate collaboration across the KC region and solve specific scientific challenges and solutions to address patients, families and caregivers impacted by rare disease. The program will combine unique disciplines to learn about a variety of research and clinical issues to spark innovative treatments and advocacy strategies related to the rare disease community. 

The series will launch in January 2023 and will embark on a year-long dialogue and showcase a myriad of national and regional speakers and stakeholders from the rare disease community.


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