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Imagine a future where life-saving vaccines are readily available, manufactured right here in the United States. The KC BioHub is working to make this vision a reality.

KC BioHub aims to strengthen the domestic production of critical vaccines and preventative technologies while nurturing collaboration across various sectors. This effort will position the Kansas City region as a leader in biologics and biomanufacturing, ensuring the US plays a vital role in global health security.


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Component Projects

Governance: Establishes and funds a fully staffed Regional Innovation Office for five years to lead regular coordination between regional economic development institutions and evaluate Tech Hubs program metrics.

Space: Advances master plan of Health Sciences Innovation District and develops other regional facilities to provide and equip new shared and scalable lab space for vaccine and biologic development and manufacturing.

Capital: Establishes and funds a revolving loan fund that can be used to provide capital for those starting new capital firms, develops angel investment training programs and cultivates relationships with coastal biotech investors.

Commercialization: Creates a collaborative, two-state rapid technology development system accessible to both academia and industry, and accelerates commercialization activity to create and enact policies aligned with market-leaders.


Technology Development: Creates a small-scale facility to accelerate ground-breaking research at regional institutions, and develops opportunities for Black and Brownowned bio and component manufacturing firms.

Workforce: Creates a pipeline of collaborative workforce programs to expand career awareness and diversified training, delivering 10,000 ”Good Jobs” in biomanufacturing within ten years.

Wealth Equity: Develops a first-of-its-kind community trust which will own real estate assets and return derived value to a nearby benefit neighborhood. Also establishes a regional network to support women and minority businesses in the biomanufacturing industry. 

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KC BioHub Webinars

Learn more about the KC BioHub, Kansas City’s U.S. Tech Hub Designation, and what it means for the future of our regional economy.


  • July 31: 12-1 PM
  • August 7: 12-1 PM
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Tech Hubs Power Up Innovation Across the Nation

Spark a revolution in American innovation! The Tech Hubs ignites a passion for creating new ideas and fuels the fire of good jobs.

How? Empowering regions to develop the muscle they need to build, sell, and use cutting-edge tech. This isn’t just about jobs – it’s about propelling America to the forefront of manufacturing and economic might. It’s about trailblazing innovation, ensuring a secure future for generations to come.

The KC BioHub Tech Hub seeks to build the world’s most equitable biologics and vaccine development and manufacturing innovation ecosystem by leveraging the Kansas City region’s strength in animal and human vaccine development.

Why is the KC Region the right place?

The Kansas City region boasts a unique confluence of factors that propel the growth of the biologics and biomanufacturing industry. The KC BioHub actively propels this growth by: 

  • Fostering Collaboration: We connect a diverse network of researchers, industry leaders, and investors, sparking innovation and accelerating the commercialization of biomanufacturing technologies. 
  • Leveraging Regional Strengths: With a strong talent pool, central location, and established bioscience infrastructure, we attract partnerships and investments that push the industry forward. 
  • Coordinating Resources: As a central hub, we strategically communicate regional expertise, assets, and funding opportunities, driving the development of lifesaving biologics and biomanufacturing processes. 

Meet the Acting Regional Innovation Officer

Melissa Roberts Chapman is the Acting Regional Innovation Officer for the KC BioHub. 
Melissa has worked at the nexus of policy, entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic development throughout her career. She identifies as an ecosystem builder and entrepreneur, and is a native of De Soto, KS. 
Before leading Kansas City’s Tech Hub consortium, Melissa was Director of Entrepreneurship and Ecosystem Policy at the Federation of American Scientists and a Senior Program Officer at the Kauffman Foundation, where she led a grantmaking team focused on building more inclusive, collaborative, and vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems in the Heartland. 
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