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2018 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium Review

Heartland Conference on Health Equity and Patient Centered Care

Global Entrepreneurship Week

Science Communication Week

National Institutes on Aging: Director’s Regional Meeting

Cold Cough Flu Conference

SciComm Conference

KSCI Works with Jory Weintraub

SciComm 101 with Jory Weintraub

SciComedy Workshop and Improv Show

Food Explorer discussion at Manhattan Public Library

Translating Science and Speaking in Images

Exploring ‘The Food Explorer’ with Daniel Stone

3rd Annual Collaborative Research Symposium: Musculoskeletal and Neuromuscular Disorders

Health Innovation Team

Science on Tap with Tendai Gadzikwa

Considering CRISPR

Round Table with Rebeca Safran

‘Food Explorer’ panel discussion

Speed dating: Scientists and Communicators

Translational Oncology in Academia and Industry Symposium

Animal Health Industry Insights

WISE Networking Breakfast

Collaborate2Cure: Behavioral and Psychiatric Population Management

Collaborate2Cure: Medication Reconciliation and Adherence

Collaborate2Cure: Pre- and Post-natal Care

Collaborate2Cure: Food Insecurity & Access

Collaborate2Cure: Project 1 update

Collaborate2Cure: Readmission Rate Reduction

Genomic Medicine Short Course

Reach for Rare: A Pickleball Tournament to Benefit RareKC

KC One Health Day

Blockchain Drive-In Workshop

Too Creative for Science?

Collaborate2Cure: Healthcare Associated Injury and Infection Prevention

BioNexus KC Annual Dinner

Accelerating Health through 1Data

BioKansas Annual Member Reception & InvestMidwest 2019 Kickoff