Scott Burgett

Director of Health Engineering

Mr. Burgett began his career as a Member of the Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories working on inertial navigation systems and GPS-aided precision guidance. He has worked for Garmin for over 22 years leading technology development of GPS, wearable devices, and biometric sensors. He has been the Director of Garmin Health Engineering since August of 2015. He currently has responsibility for managing biosensor innovation and development globally at Garmin. During his tenure, Garmin has developed industry leading wearable biosensors such as optical heart rate and pulse oximetry sensors. He has also contributed to the development of derived biometric measurements such as stress, respiration, sleep stage estimation, and body battery. Mr. Burgett also has responsibility for Garmin’s interactions with regulatory bodies such as the United States FDA and FCC as well as global regulatory bodies

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