Jarrod Wrampe, PE, Assoc. DBIA

Process Utilities Engineer


Jarrod is a project manager and process utility engineer at CRB, a global design, construction and consulting firm that relentlessly pursues and delivers success for clients in advanced technology industries. CRB was founded in 1984 as a single three-person office and has grown to a team of more than 1,100 passionate professionals in 17 offices throughout the world.

With nearly 19 years of experience, Jarrod is a subject matter expert for critical utilities including high purity water systems, process steam systems, liquefied and compressed gas systems, waste kill/neutralization systems, and process heat transfer systems. In his current role, he frequently functions as the client’s primary interface for both design and project management. He also is responsible for the development of process and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs), equipment specifications, equipment plans, piping plans and architectural drawings. Jarrod’s experience as a design lead and project manager allow him to understand the entire project from inception to completion across multiple disciplines, making him an integral part of every phase of the design team.

Jarrod obtained Master of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees in Architectural Engineering from Kansas State University.


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