Joshua Sestak, PhD

President and CEO, Founder
Orion BioScience


Joshua received his BS in Chemistry and BioChemistry from Gonzaga University, and his MS and PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry with a focus in Immunology from the University of Kansas. Prior to completing his graduate work at the University of Kansas, Joshua worked at Nastech Pharmaceutical as a Formulation Scientist where he developed peptide and siRNA therapeutics, as well as served as the Formulation to Clinical liaison bringing therapies through CMC activity and into the clinic. He has co-authored numerous papers as well as been named as an inventor on multiple patents, including the foundational technology for Orion.


Orion BioScience and the Development of 'Soluble Antigen Arrays' for Antigen Specific Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases

Orion is currently developing our ‘Soluble Antigen Array’ or ‘SAgA’ technology for the treatment of autoimmune diseases such as Type-1 diabetes, neuromyelitis optica, and myasthenia gravis. SAgAs combine both molecular and physical properties to produce a SOLUBLE and FLEXIBLE, antigen specific, multivaltent array. SAgAs leverage lessons learned across antigen specific immunotherapy approaches and are able to more efficiently drive the antigen specific restoration of peripheral tolerance through the induction of T and B cell anergy. By achieving activity in the lymphatics SAgAs also help promote regulatory bystander suppression through increased levels of antigen specific Tr1 type Tregs, IL-10 production, and an increase in traditional Tregs within the lymph and spleen. A further benefit of this antigen specific activity is an enhanced safety profile which will ultimately lead to our ability to treat patients earlier in their disease, as well as the many pediatric patients in a disease like Type-1 diabetes. These results have translated in our multiple in vivo efficacy, and safety/toxicity studies. Currently completed studies with SAgAs have shown an almost complete suppression of disease progression with no observed adverse events.

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