Jane New

Venture Consultant
BioNexus KC

Jane New is a powerhouse in the tech startup world, spearheading investment, and commercialization for the future of digital health.

Currently, she's driving the launch of the KC Nexus Fund at BioNexus KC, providing key resources for early-stage companies in this booming field.

The KC Nexus Fund bridges crucial gaps in operations and technology validation, accelerating these companies' path to market and securing vital follow-on funding. This translates into more successful startups and a thriving digital health ecosystem in Kansas City.

Jane's impressive track record before BioNexus KC showcases her expertise in driving innovation and growth.

As Director of TechGROWTH Ohio, she oversaw a program that secured over $28 million in funding, created hundreds of jobs, and attracted $740 million in additional capital. As Vice President of the TechGROWTH Ohio Funds, she oversaw a $9.6 million investment portfolio. This included leading due diligence and providing investment recommendations to ensure substantial returns.

Jane's strategic leadership focused on building relationships with incubators, accelerators, institutional investors, and the state government, revolutionizing Ohio's commercialization landscape.

Jane brings a powerful combination of business expertise and technical knowledge. She has an MBA and a Master’s in Accounting and Information Systems from the University of Kansas. Jane is essential to establishing Kansas City as the center of digital health innovation.

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