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● May 21 at 12 PM: Proposal submission deadline
● May 20-24: Vendor interviews, vendor selection announced
● June 14: Joint planning completed
● June 21: Post-planning check-in
● September 30: Project completed and final reports/products submitted



The KC BioHub seeks a community outreach partner to assist the KC BioHub Consortium in conducting community outreach in the Beacon Hill, Wendell Phillips, and Washington Wheatley neighborhoods of Kansas City. As the consortium seeks to develop the Health Sciences Innovation District within the bounds of the existing Community Improvement District approved by the city council, it wishes to engage with community members to better understand the impact that additional real estate development in the area, as well as the new technologies developed in the buildings, might have on the community.

The coalition particularly hopes to engage those with tenure in their neighborhood, those who serve in community leadership roles, those with low/moderate or fixed incomes, and youth. Specifically, we hope to understand what activities, facilities, supports, and ongoing outreach will be required to build a strong relationship with the surrounding communities. We anticipate that if our consortium successfully wins a Tech Hub grant, this work will be ongoing, though this first engagement will be structured as a one-time project. (Note: We are seeking a community outreach partnership not because we wish to “outsource” the work of community engagement but because we respect the professional skills of community organizers as experts in this manner of engagement and want your help.)



The KC BioHub is a consortium of more than 100 local non-profits, institutions of higher education, local governments, startups, and industry partners within the greater Kansas City region (stretching from McPherson and Manhattan, KS to Columbia, MO) that work together to grow our regional biologics and biomanufacturing capabilities. The consortium has led the effort to designate Kansas City as a Regional Technology and Innovation Hub. It is currently under consideration for more than $75 million of federal funding from the EDA’s Tech Hubs grant program. The consortium has already raised $10 million of local funding to support our work and intends to continue its efforts whether or not it ultimately wins federal funding. The KC BioHub consortium, led by PI BioNexus KC, currently employs the group’s Regional Innovation Officer.



The consortium seeks to build positive and lasting relationships with community members in the impact district surrounding the Health Sciences Innovation District CID. The primary objectives of this work include:

1) Establish trust and open lines of communication to forge strong relationships with key community stakeholders and develop a long-term engagement plan, including a regular cadence.

2) Seeking the community’s input on what amenities, facilities, and opportunities we might include in new developments in the HSID that would meet community needs or solve community problems. Building a better understanding of what elements might make community members feel welcome in, or a part of, the HSID, as well as what elements might make community members feel unwelcome or excluded from the district.

3) Improve understanding of how the community perceives healthcare innovation (specifically related to new vaccine development, clinical trials, and/or jobs in biomanufacturing), understanding what stories are shared, what community artifacts exist, and when those underscore positive or negative messages.

4) Scoping the requirements, needs, concerns, and processes that might be needed to create a commercial community trust in the district, as described in the Tech Hubs Wealth Equity project. What experiences do community members have with similar initiatives in the past? What ideas do they have about how such a vehicle might impact their community? How can they be/are they willing to be partners in its implementation?



KC BioHub has a total budget of up to $30,000 for community engagement work. Please keep in mind that we are a scrappy, non-profit effort and that the competitiveness of each bid will be a key criterion in our decision-making process. Please also note: this work is funded by a grant that must be paid out by June 30th, though not all work needs to be completed by that date.



Proposals should include:
1) Project plan: A description of the approach the group would take to engage the community, including a draft timeline of major events or meetings (concurrent with the significant milestones below), an estimate of the amount of time involvement needed from the KC BioHub team and description of how they would engage, and description of how findings will be summarized and communicated to the KC BioHub team.
2) A budget: A total forecasted project cost, including time estimates and hourly rates for staff dedicated to the project.
3) Description of community proximity: A written description, video, or other means of communicating the proposer’s experience with the Beacon Hill, Wendell Phillips, and/or Washington Wheatley communities to demonstrate a process for building good relationships (good) experience working in or with the specific neighborhoods mentioned (better), or existing, trusted relationships and engagements in the community (best).
4) Partnership expectations: An approach and plan for engaging the KC BioHub team in the work and helping build community relationships over time. What will be required of our team to be good partners to you and support you in your work? What work do you envision taking responsibility for, and what work will you “give back” to us?



Proposals will be assessed based on the following criteria:
● Competitive pricing
● Proximity to community
● Creativity and feasibility of community engagement plan
● Clarity or budget and project plan



To submit a proposal and for more information or clarifying questions, please contact:

Jennifer Lindholm, Director of Communications and Marketing