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Position: Program Manager, Workforce Development 

Reports To: Vice President, BioNexus KC




BioNexus KC is searching for a collaborative project manager with experience managing grant-funded education or workforce development programs to help advance the strategic life sciences and healthcare workforce priorities in the Kansas City region.  

Nature and Scope: 

BioNexus KC is a 24-year-old nonprofit created to act as the region’s life sciences intermediary. BioNexus KC convenes research organizations and companies to build the region’s research base, maximize the value of the research happening in the region, and accelerate the translation of research into products, services, and companies.  Significant opportunities lie ahead for the KC region, and BioNexus KC stands poised to help the region capitalize on these opportunities. One of the organization’s main edicts is the improvement of regional workforce development and education programs to enhance the life sciences talent pool. Recently, BioNexus KC received funding to install and develop an advanced manufacturing training program in the Kansas City region. In addition, BioNexus KC is kicking off several new programs with a diverse set of oversight needs. It now seeks a highly qualified professional to serve as Program Manager of Workforce Development, a new position reporting to the Vice President and integrating closely with the entire BioNexus KC team. 

The Program Manager of Workforce Development will be responsible for managing a grant-funded project focused on workforce development and education in the life sciences industry. This position will work with multiple partners to design, implement, and evaluate education and training programs in the Kansas City region. The successful candidate will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the project, from planning and execution to reporting and evaluation. Additionally, this role will work with BioNexus KC staff to design and implement a project management system across the organization. 

Principle Accountabilities: 

• Design and implement workforce development, training, and education programs that align with regional objectives and priorities. 

• Collaborate with partners to develop and deliver educational and training programs. 

• Develop and manage project timelines, budgets, and deliverables, ensuring that all project activities are completed on time and within budget. 

• Manage and coordinate project team members, including partner organizations and external consultants. 

• Prepare regular reports on project progress and communicate project updates to key stakeholders. 

• Develop and maintain relationships with key partners in the life sciences industry, including industry associations, employers, and workforce development agencies. 

• Participate and contribute to the creation of a bi-state, long-term strategy for workforce development to meet the assessed needs of the region. 

• Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of workforce development and education programs and make recommendations for program improvements. 

• Stay up to date with trends and developments in STEM workforce development and education, including coordinating with BioNexus KC advocacy efforts. 

Specific Unique Accountabilities: 

• Source and test project management software/system for “best fit” alongside BioNexus KC staff. 

• Design and implement project management system at BioNexus KC, establishing buy-in and training for all staff members. 

• Develop workforce training efforts that can bridge state lines. 

• Collaborate with BioNexus KC stakeholders, partners, and other key life science institutions in the region, including vendors related to workforce development projects. 

• Work with team to develop strategy for sustainability and expansion of the workforce development programs. 

Job Requirements: 

• Unique professional experience and/or a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as education, business, or life sciences. 

• At least 5 years of experience in project management or program management, preferably in the field of workforce development and education. Experience in implementing project management systems and reporting would be ideal.  

• Experience with grant compliance, return and inspection highly preferred.  

• Knowledge of the life sciences industry and workforce development programs in the Midwest region. 

• Experience working with non-profit organizations and community colleges. 

• Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. 

• Strong organizational and problem-solving skills. 

• Demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously. 

• Experience establishing timelines and expectations in an agile, lean work environment. 

• Strong leadership and team-building skills. 

• Ability to work in-person and virtually (limited hybrid work available). 

• This is a full-time position and may require some travel within Kansas and Missouri regions. The successful candidate will work closely with grant partners to ensure the success of the project.  


If you are interested and are a self-motivated and detail-oriented individual who enjoys working in a team environment, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity. Please forward cover letter/statement of interest, CV/resume, references, and any other relevant materials to BioNexus KC at


Diversity is powerful. BioNexus KC values all voices and is committed to diversity to create a meaningful and unique atmosphere at BioNexus KC. Together, we aim to advance the life sciences in the KC region and celebrate the diverse voices in our community.