The Center for Practical Bioethics 28th Annual Flanigan Lecture: America’s Nursing Crisis: What Should Be Done?

Thursday Aug 4 / 7:00 PM (CDT) - Thursday Aug 4 / 8:30 PM (CDT)

Kansas City University
1620 Independence Ave
Kansas Cit, MO

Nurses were hailed as heroes in the early months of the COVID pandemic. By 2021, they were scapegoated by citizens angry about the ongoing pandemic and misled by misinformation.

Now, indicators suggest that as many as one-third of nurses may quit by the end of the year. Other reports predict a severe nursing shortage, potentially seriously impacting access and quality.

 At this year’s Flanigan Lecturenurse leaders will address the nursing crisis using ethics to understand what is going on and what might be a fitting response. Join in-person for the reception and lecture or virtually for the lecture. Registration is free.

Ethical Questions to be Discussed

  • Is “crisis” accurately descriptive of what nursing currently faces as a profession in the US?
  • Was this preventable or inevitable given a pandemic crisis?
  • How has the RaDonda Vaught case impacted nursing, or might it?
  • Is there anything to be done about this crisis, or do we get used to a sub-optimal situation for healthcare, as have some developing nations with insufficient resources generally?
  • What should be done as a matter of policy/protocol to improve the workplace for nursing and healthcare outcomes?
  • What roles might be played by bioethicists and bioethics centers like CPB?

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