2021 Kansas City Life Sciences Census

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We need your help to track regional life sciences growth.

BioNexus KC catalyzes our regional life sciences initiative by fostering research, collaboration, commercialization, and workforce development. An inventory of life sciences companies between Manhattan, KS and Columbia, MO has been completed every three years since 2003. Use of the same methodology since 2006 provides the region’s only triannual trend comparison of the industry’s growth, employment, and sub-sector segmentation.

The BioNexus KC life sciences census allows us to track the growth of the life sciences industry and strongly influences regional policy, and economic and workforce development in our region.

The 2021 Census only takes ~5 minutes to complete and will provide a snapshot of our regional strengths and is the only repeated systematic assessment of industry assets in the region.
Census respondents will be supplied with a digital and/or physical copy of the 2021 census upon its completion later this year.
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Census Details

This census is divided into two sections.

Section One: 

  • Company name • Location
  • Branch or headquarters • Areas of specialization/niche
  • Number of employees

Section Two:   

  • Research funding Sales
  • Growth expectations

Please note, details from this section two will not be released in the publication of the census, except to report aggregate trends and totals.

To review the 2018 industry census, you may download a copy. We value your participation and partnership. Together, we achieve more.  
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